The Basket Building

This unique building was the brainchild of Dave Longaberger, the man who founded the Longaberger Company, a manufacturer of wooden baskets. This building is the headquarters of the company and serves as an excellent advertisement for their products, being a fine example of novelty architecture.
The fact that it is so unusual is what makes it so intruiging and from a marketing point of view, advertises the company brilliantly. The interior compliments the outside in being just as magnificent, a huge atrium with a glass ceiling greets employees and tourists alike.

Burj al Arab

At 321 m (1,050 ft), the Burj al Arab is the second tallest building used exclusively as a hotel. Tom Wright, the architect, designed the building to
symbolise a sail of a boat and Dubai’s rapid urbanisation. It is situated on its own private island of reclaimed land, as is self-described as the world’s first ’7-star’ hotel.

Container City

These buildings, devised by Urban Space Management, are “an alternative solution to traditional space provision”, using shipping containers to provide offices, apartments other forms of workspace. A unique feature of these buildings is that so-called ‘short-life’ sites can be unbolted and relocated or stored elsewhere when land is required for alternative uses. There are numerous examples of these buildings that provide space for nurseries, offices and classrooms.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry designed this building and opened in 2003. It has a very unique look to it and as such, was met with polarised opinions. However, critics have labelled it a success for its architectural design and the acoustics of the concert hall itself. Gehry’s buildings are known for becoming tourist attractions and the Walt Disney Concert Hall is no exception. It has been seen in popular culture in everything from The Simpsons to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Kansas City Public Library

The faƁade of this building in Kansas City, Missouri is very creative. Some of the finest works of literature serve as the walls of the library car park, from Lord of the Rings to Romeo and Julliet. As an important building for the community, it apt that local residents were asked to nominate their favourite or most influential books. It is a very unique design which has proved very popular.

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