Thinking of Travelling this Christmas? Most people are worried about finances or simply can’t be bothered to travel to meet loved ones.  However, the statistics state that even though we moan and moan, we will still jump into our cars and travel to see the family!

If you are going to be as grumpy as the average joe, then perhaps look into making that journey easier, especially if you have kids that you need to transport.

Maybe look into an in-car DVD player. A lifesaver I assume when you are trying to concentrate on the roads and your kids are kept quiet watching a film! You can pick these up pretty cheaply these days, so this won’t hurt your pocket too much. Laptops can be used, but the battery life is not ideal, whereas a portable DVD is usually better.

If you are lucky enough to already have a tablet, like an ipad or android deveice then these can be cool too, as they will play movies as well as entertain with games, books and music. To be honest, one of these should keep anyone entertained for any length of trip!

Pack some snacks for the trip – nothing too messy! Crisps, sweets and a piece of fruit of two to keep it balanced. Remember to take a few plastic bags to clean up, nothing worse than having to travel back in a rubbish heap!

This is a useful infographic we found talking about holiday travel.  Happy Christmas!

Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel


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