Whatever kind of Christmas you have had, there is no doubt (unless you are the particularly lucky type) that you have a couple of gifts bestowed upon you that did not quite match your exquisite taste! You have remained pleasant throughout the whole ordeal and have smiled continuously. However, Christmas is now over and it is time to think about what to do with these unwanted presents!

There are a few ideas that we have come up with -some will make you richer and some will simply make you feel like a better person. It is your choice what to do, however one thing is for sure – that it is wasteful to let them sit there unused, as no one will benefit from that!

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What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts

1) You can finally learn to be an online wizzkid and sell you items via an auction site such as ebay. This is one way to get cash for your unwanted items and use this to purchase something for yourself. We think that if you do receive money back for unwanted presents that you sell then you should treat yourself to a gift or an experience – at least this means you are getting something good from all this. Use this to pay the bills and we think that next time you see the person who originally gave you the gift you will feel guilty! There are plenty of other sites too, such as Amazon, Gumtree and Loot that will also be able to help you sell your items.

If you do not fancy using a computer to sell anything, then you could advertise in the back of a local newspaper or in your local shop window (although be careful if the person that gave you the gift regularly goes there!)

2) Perhaps it is time to clear out a few things; maybe you have a stack of unwanted gifts from the years gone by or perhaps you just want a good general clear out to generate some extra funds. Pack all these into the back of your car and get a table laid out – as you are going to start selling at a local car boot sale! These can be very cheap to set up – all you need is a table, usually £5-10 entry for the space and then you are good to go.

3) You could try to return the gifts to the shop they came from – although without a receipt this will be hard. However sometimes a shop will let you get credit or a voucher so you can buy something else you want from there. Sucks if you don’t like that store though!

4) You could give your gifts to charity. You all knew this one was going to come up, but in reality if you do not want something then someone who perhaps is not as fortunate as you can enjoy it. You can donate the gifts straight to many charity organisations such as barnardos or roycastle, or you can go to your local charity shop and hand the gifts in to be resold.

5) You could keep the gift in a good condition and wait until a suitable occasion where you can give this as a present yourself. This is a bit cheeky, but then again, if you did not get to enjoy it then at least you can spend the money that you save on the new gift on treating yourself.

6) You can swap the gift. There are a few shops on the high street that you can exchange goods at, but we think that online marketplaces such as uswap or netcycler will work better, You can essentially use your gifts as currency and if you find a good match with someone then you can benefit from the new item.

7) Recycle it in a creative way. If it is a jumper that doesn’t fit, then perhaps it will make great material for a pair of socks or perhaps a scarf for the bitter months ahead!

8) You can dispose of your gifts in many ways – burn them, shoot them into space or take them to the dump. We think some of the ideas above are much better though.

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