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Amazing Bridges You Should Visit

Here are ten brilliant engineering feats that will boggle your mind! Langkawi sky bridge The Langkawi sky bridge is suspended 700 meters above sea level and is a pedestrian crossing 125 meters long. Source Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden This bridge connects Denmark and Sweden and goes underwater at the end in order to let the ships go through. A true engineering marvel. Source Colorado river bridge at the Hoover

10 Unique 3D Tattoos

Here are ten cool feature walls that could inspire you to make that change. Unique Terminator 3D Tattoo Awesome 3D terminator tattoo on this guy’s arm. Source Crazy 3D Leg Tattoo – Carved Leg Look inside my leg! Source 3D Spider Tattoo Not for the faint hearted! Source Skin Rip 3D Tattoo This is very lifelike – looks like a bear attack! Source Awesome 3D Spiderman Chest Tattoo Spiderman Chest

10 Unique Feature Walls

Here are ten cool feature walls that could inspire you to make that change. Photo Family Tree Feature Wall Lets call this the “Tree of Life” Source Child’s Photo Feature Wall Here’s looking at you, kid! Source Child’s feature wall – Tree around window Every little girl’s dream! Source

Is this the worst Valentines Day card ever?!

If you are about to receive a Valentines day card, please think of the poor woman who received this one – OVER 100 YEARS AGO! Worst Valentines Day Card in History? A museum in New York feels it has discovered the worst Valentines day card ever! This card dates back over 100 years and is made up of real facial hair and stuck on by the man in the shape

10 emotional and powerful images – must be seen

Here are ten more of the most powerful images you will ever see. We think these will move you. If they do, please like them and share them. Leao Dog – sits by his owners grave This photo of a Brazilian dog rose up in fame in 2011 after the awful landslides in Rio De Janeiro. The dog, named Leao, sat by his owners grave for days and refused to

How to beat Flappy Bird – AWESOME

So, Flappy Bird, the incredibly addictive game about a bird that you have to guide inbetween pipes has almost defeated us all. Here is an innovative way to beat this little flying nuisance! It starts off slow so wait a few seconds then all shall be revealed! Share this, as it is Hilarious! If anyone else has any tips and tricks into how to beat Flappy Bird comment below and

Strange global customs you have probably not heard about!

Traditions and customs from around the world are very much of interest here at Swick and we thought we would share some of the strangest customs that you probably have not heard about! Make sure you Like, Share, Pin or Tweet! Russia and giving flowers Giving flowers in Russia can be tricky business. The act of giving yellow flowers can signify distrust or deceit, while red carnations are given only