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Unique Homemade Valentines Gifts

Every Valentines day thousands of people struggle to decide what to give their partners as a present. Well, we think here at Swick that love doesn’t always have to cost the world! Why not show your loved one what they mean to you by making a homemade Valentines day gift. It takes more effort to make one of these lovely things than simply buy it from a shop! Make sure

Budweiser Puppy Commercial

So, Budweiser have come up with a great new Superbowl advert. Love it or hate it, we’d love to know here at Swick! Does it make you want to drink beer or just buy a new puppy? Whatever happens, I am sure this will be one of the most shared videos over the next few weeks.

What to do if caught in an Avalanche

Ever wondered what you should do if you were caught in an Avalanche? In light of recent weather conditions and heavy snowfall across the globe, Swick thought they would investigate whether there is anything that you can do to either prepare yourself for this unexpected situation or help yourself if you are caught in the middle of an Avalanche.

Unwanted Christmas Presents – Useful Ideas

Whatever kind of Christmas you have had, there is no doubt (unless you are the particularly lucky type) that you have a couple of gifts bestowed upon you that did not quite match your exquisite taste! You have remained pleasant throughout the whole ordeal and have smiled continuously. However, Christmas is now over and it is time to think about what to do with these unwanted presents! There are a