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5 Fantastic Concept Cars

A concept car is a prototype that showcases a new concept, style or technology. They are often shown at motor shows to guage customer reaction to radical new ideas. Concept cars never go into production directly, as often they are inteded to ‘show off’ what a company can do. The first ever concept car was the Buick Y-Job in 1938, however since then, technology and innovation has changed dramatically. Here

Creative Uses of Lego

Lego is plastic bricks which can be used to build virtually anything. Since its invention in the 1940′s they have made over 400 billion bricks. With so many bricks out there it is no surprise that people have used to create some amazing things. So here is showcase of some we enjoyed, we hope you enjoy them too! Bart Simpson

10 Funny Signs

You see signs nearly everywhere you go, and every so often you see a sign which will make you chuckle. As you can see this is as explained how online pokie games can be played where those free online pokies games are made using same method to work on the platforms. So we collected 10 of favourite signs which made us laugh, we hope you enjoy them to. Attention Dogs

10 Hilarious Street Names

Some of these streets would be awesome to live in, de casino en, whereas some would be a nightmare. Imagine telling a taxi driver where you lived or even the police. Butt Hole Road

15 Creative Hedge Designs

Topiary is the art of creating sculptures from hedges and shrubs. While many people prefer to keep their hedges neat and manageable, there are those who put hours of work and dedication into providing humourous, topical or just attractive topiary. Here is a showcase of some of the best from around the world: Chinese Hedge Century Park

Family Guy Quiz

Think you know your Family Guy? Then take our 25 question quiz and see how you fair. If you like this, check out all our other posts