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5 Top Moments on Eastenders

Mecca Bingo are hosting the upcoming Soap awards and I believe they are challenging blogs to come up with their top 5 moments on their favourite tv show. Eastenders has always been a Swick favourite, with its ridiculous story lines and classic moments! Below are 5 of the best moments in the show’s history; David Wicks reveals he is Bianca’s dad Phil and Grant drive into the river Janine pushes

10 Awesome Sleeping Cat Photos!

Cats are known to be able to sleep up to 15 hours per day, with some especially lazy cats able to master a good 20 hours per day. The reason that their hunger for sleep is so apparent to us is that they are most active dusk till dawn, which means that they typically sleep at the times of day most humans are active and only really come alive to

Is this the worst Valentines Day card ever?!

If you are about to receive a Valentines day card, please think of the poor woman who received this one – OVER 100 YEARS AGO! Worst Valentines Day Card in History? A museum in New York feels it has discovered the worst Valentines day card ever! This card dates back over 100 years and is made up of real facial hair and stuck on by the man in the shape

Used to be Cool

Here we are going to remind you of gadgets, clothes, items, pretty much anything that used to be cool. For some of you, it will be the first time you have seen such items and will be amazed that they used to be in trend, and for many of you this is a time to reminisce! Tamagotchi The Tamagotchi was a handheld digital pet in the shape of an egg.

Cool Christmas Decorations

Here are some of the coolest Christmas decoration ideas. Hopefully this will inspire you to think creatively and outside the box next time you dress up that tree or decorate the house for Christmas! Christmas Toilet This is a cool Christmas toilet idea! Source