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10 Best Space Saving Ideas for your Home or Apartment

Mirror Table This wall-mounted mirror table is a great little idea for saving space.  On the wall you can enjoy it, but when you are hungry or have guests round you can take it down and use it as a dining table. Drawers within Stairs This is a great idea to maximise storage space in your home.  If you can either pre-plan this or perhaps retrospectively fit this in then

10 of the most remote and isolated places on earth

Verkhoyansk Russia Verkhoyansk used to be known as an exile destination which was first used by the Czars and then by the Soviets. Now it is seen to be attracting extreme tourism – people who want to come and experience the intense temperatures. The town has never had more than 2500 residents and now is thought to still have 1500. It is set 3000 miles east of Moscow in the

10 Original Knitting Patterns and Designs You Need to See!

Knitting has become an incredibly popular pastime. It is now regarded as fun for all ages, practical and can even be made into a business venture if you are that way inclined (and good enough!) Below are 10 very original knitting designs that we have found that will make you question the boundaries of knitting and what it is possible to achieve with a needle and some wool! You might

10 Incredible Beaches to Visit Before You Die

Beaches can be some of the most brilliant places on earth to visit, which is why we have compiled a list of 10 of the most beautiful beaches that you have to visit before you die. Everyone should make that trip of a lifetime, so why not choose one of these as your next destination! Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles Anse Source d’Argent on the island of La Digue is safe

10 Incredible Birthday Cake Designs

Here are ten examples of real edible art! These birthday cakes will seem too good to eat, too good to be cut and ruined! When you look at these baked creations you will not believe that they are cakes… Birthday cakes are an important part of any birthday celebration. Typically someone will go to the supermarket and buy a normal cake or bake a simple one at home. Sometimes however

10 Unique 3D Tattoos

Here are ten cool feature walls that could inspire you to make that change. Unique Terminator 3D Tattoo Awesome 3D terminator tattoo on this guy’s arm. Source Crazy 3D Leg Tattoo – Carved Leg Look inside my leg! Source 3D Spider Tattoo Not for the faint hearted! Source Skin Rip 3D Tattoo This is very lifelike – looks like a bear attack! Source Awesome 3D Spiderman Chest Tattoo Spiderman Chest

10 Unique Feature Walls

Here are ten cool feature walls that could inspire you to make that change. Photo Family Tree Feature Wall Lets call this the “Tree of Life” Source Child’s Photo Feature Wall Here’s looking at you, kid! Source Child’s feature wall – Tree around window Every little girl’s dream! Source

10 emotional and powerful images – must be seen

Here are ten more of the most powerful images you will ever see. We think these will move you. If they do, please like them and share them. Leao Dog – sits by his owners grave This photo of a Brazilian dog rose up in fame in 2011 after the awful landslides in Rio De Janeiro. The dog, named Leao, sat by his owners grave for days and refused to

Unique Homemade Valentines Gifts

Every Valentines day thousands of people struggle to decide what to give their partners as a present. Well, we think here at Swick that love doesn’t always have to cost the world! Why not show your loved one what they mean to you by making a homemade Valentines day gift. It takes more effort to make one of these lovely things than simply buy it from a shop! Make sure

Unwanted Christmas Presents – Useful Ideas

Whatever kind of Christmas you have had, there is no doubt (unless you are the particularly lucky type) that you have a couple of gifts bestowed upon you that did not quite match your exquisite taste! You have remained pleasant throughout the whole ordeal and have smiled continuously. However, Christmas is now over and it is time to think about what to do with these unwanted presents! There are a