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10 Best Space Saving Ideas for your Home or Apartment

Mirror Table This wall-mounted mirror table is a great little idea for saving space.  On the wall you can enjoy it, but when you are hungry or have guests round you can take it down and use it as a dining table. Drawers within Stairs This is a great idea

10 Awesome Sleeping Cat Photos!

Cats are known to be able to sleep up to 15 hours per day, with some especially lazy cats able to master a good 20 hours per day. The reason that their hunger for sleep is so apparent to us is that they are most active dusk till dawn, which means that they typically sleep at the times of day most humans are active and only really come alive to

10 of the most remote and isolated places on earth

Verkhoyansk Russia Verkhoyansk used to be known as an exile destination which was first used by the Czars and then by the Soviets. Now it is seen to be attracting extreme tourism – people who want to come and experience the intense temperatures. The town has never had more than 2500 residents and now is thought to still have 1500. It is set 3000 miles east of Moscow in the