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5 Fantastically Creative Building Designs

The Basket Building This unique building was the brainchild of Dave Longaberger, the man who founded the Longaberger Company, a manufacturer of wooden baskets. This building is the headquarters of the company and serves as an excellent advertisement for their products, being a fine example of novelty architecture. The fact that it is so unusual is what makes it so intruiging and from a marketing point of view, advertises the

Creative Uses of Lego

Lego is plastic bricks which can be used to build virtually anything. Since its invention in the 1940′s they have made over 400 billion bricks. With so many bricks out there it is no surprise that people have used to create some amazing things. So here is showcase of some we enjoyed, we hope you enjoy them too! Bart Simpson

15 Creative Hedge Designs

Topiary is the art of creating sculptures from hedges and shrubs. While many people prefer to keep their hedges neat and manageable, there are those who put hours of work and dedication into providing humourous, topical or just attractive topiary. Here is a showcase of some of the best from around the world: Chinese Hedge Century Park