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10 Designer Rubber Ducks

Many people take a bath or collect rubber duckies. No need to settle on the plain, old and boring yellow duck. Here are a few designer rubber duckies that are pretty neat! Art Duck

10 Interesting Beer Steins

Beer steins were originally created to keep insects out of beer! They each have a lid that is opened from the handle. Do you drink beer around a lot of insects? Blood of the Horde

15 Creative Sofas

Every house has at least 1 sofa and normally they’re pretty boring, but they don’t have to be. We have put together a showcase of 15 creative sofas we would all love to have in our living room. Aston Martin DB6

5 Fantastically Creative Building Designs

The Basket Building This unique building was the brainchild of Dave Longaberger, the man who founded the Longaberger Company, a manufacturer of wooden baskets. This building is the headquarters of the company and serves as an excellent advertisement for their products, being a fine example of novelty architecture. The fact that it is so unusual is what makes it so intruiging and from a marketing point of view, advertises the