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What to do if caught in an Avalanche

Ever wondered what you should do if you were caught in an Avalanche? In light of recent weather conditions and heavy snowfall across the globe, Swick thought they would investigate whether there is anything that you can do to either prepare yourself for this unexpected situation or help yourself if you are caught in the middle of an Avalanche.

Unwanted Christmas Presents – Useful Ideas

Whatever kind of Christmas you have had, there is no doubt (unless you are the particularly lucky type) that you have a couple of gifts bestowed upon you that did not quite match your exquisite taste! You have remained pleasant throughout the whole ordeal and have smiled continuously. However, Christmas is now over and it is time to think about what to do with these unwanted presents! There are a

Holiday Travel – Travelling at Christmas

Thinking of Travelling this Christmas? Most people are worried about finances or simply can’t be bothered to travel to meet loved ones. ¬†However, the statistics state that even though we moan and moan, we will still jump into our cars and travel to see the family! If you are going to be as grumpy as the average joe, then perhaps look into making that journey easier, especially if you have

10 Unusual Holiday Destinations

We all know its good to get away – but what about going somewhere that is a little bit off the beaten track. Here is a list of 10 uncommon holiday destinations that we have put together. Hopefully they might inspire you to take that crazy holiday you have always wondered about! Transylvania, Romania A trip to Transylvania should be on your mind if you wish to visit the home

10 Biggest Financial Scandals in History

Financial scams happen every day. However, there have been several notable cases in history that deserve particular attention. This is an article focusing on the 10 worst financial frauds. Enron Financial Scandal Enron went bankrupt in 2001. It was once the 7th biggest company in the US and was estimated to have been worth as much as $90 Billion! Traditionally Enron operated in the energy sector, but it tried to