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20 Cool Gadgets

Admit it we all are gadget aficionados. To feed your hunger for the cool and amazing gadgets, here are 20 of them. Skelecycle- Wearable Motorcycle

18 Amazing Tattoos

Tattoos are considered a form of art for many people. If you have one or are thinking of getting one like these, please send us a snapshot! Tongue Tattoo

18 Amazing Engineering Wonders

Not all buildings are the same and some are pretty darn unique. The following 18 images are of amazing engineering wonders found across the globe.  Which one is your favorite? Dubai Rotating Towers

10 Interesting Beer Steins

Beer steins were originally created to keep insects out of beer! They each have a lid that is opened from the handle. Do you drink beer around a lot of insects? Blood of the Horde

15 Cool And Unusual Ties

Ties don’t have to be boring and mundane, any 1 of these 15 cool and unusual ties would make you stand out in the office. Whether that is good or bad thing depends on your job! 8 Bit Tie

15 Creative Sofas

Every house has at least 1 sofa and normally they’re pretty boring, but they don’t have to be. We have put together a showcase of 15 creative sofas we would all love to have in our living room. Aston Martin DB6